Evidence You Must Preserve After a Car Accident

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After a car accident, you will likely be confused and disoriented. However, during this time, you'll want to preserve as much evidence as you can. By doing so, you'll be able to help your car accident lawyer build a case for you.

Helping Your Car Accident Lawyer

Legal representation is essential when successfully fighting a car accident case. However, there are several things that a car accident attorney cannot do. For example, only you can photograph the scene of the accident to gather evidence to support your version of the events.

Take pictures of your injury, the damage done to your property, skid marks, and the general scene of the accident. You must gather any evidence quickly because it will be cleaned up by the authorities. You cannot wait until tomorrow unless you are so injured that you cannot gather the evidence. However, you'll need help from a car accident lawyer to also preserve evidence. Otherwise, some of the evidence might be destroyed and will be lost forever.

Sending a Letter of Spoilation

The letter of spoilation prevents the other party from altering or tampering with evidence. For example, if the other party's bumper was damaged in the accident, a letter of spoilation might require that the other party not dispose of the damaged bumper until your legal team can inspect and photograph it.

Recovering Video Evidence

One of the best forms of evidence that can help your case is video evidence. Stores increasingly use surveillance cameras to secure their properties. Your lawyer may be able to obtain a copy of the surveillance footage by issuing a formal request. Also, commercial trucks often come with their own cameras that can record the accident so that you can use the footage in your case. However, commercial truck drivers and trucking companies will make this evidence disappear if your car accident lawyer doesn't act quickly.

Preserving Witnesses

The more time that passes, the harder it will be to track down witnesses. Also, as time passes, memories fade. If there are any nearby witnesses, ask to exchange contact information. Your car accident lawyer may also have some tricks you can use to track down witnesses.

One of the most important witnesses in your case will be the police officer who wrote the police report. This is treated as an official recollection of what occurred and will be difficult for the other party to challenge.