Car Accidents And Long-Lasting Damages

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Almost all car accidents can create temporary chaos in a victim's life but some victims suffer from the effects for a long time. When accident injuries are more long-lasting, it's a serious matter and deserves some extra attention. Read below to find out what goes into an after-accident list of things to do when the injuries may be permanent.

  1. Don't take that settlement – The more severe your injuries, the more eager the other side will be to settle the case quickly. You may be contacted within days of the accident and offered a woefully inadequate amount of money in return for dropping the case. Don't agree to any settlement until you speak to your attorney.
  2. Speak to an attorney – As soon as you can, talk to an attorney. The insurance company is not going to offer you enough compensation to cover your future needs unless you get some legal representation on your side.
  3. Keep things to yourself – On the other hand, do not speak to the insurance adjuster for the at-fault driver – at all. No matter what they tell you, you are not required to speak to them. Let your lawyer handle the insurance company from now on.
  4. Know what they owe you – You might not realize the importance of keeping up with certain areas of damages unless you know what is owed. Most accident victims, particularity those with permanent injuries, are entitled to the following. Of the below, far and away the most important category is medical expenses.
  • Medical treatment costs past, present, and future.
  • Missed work payments.
  • Lost and damaged personal property.
  • Pain and suffering.

       5. Understand how a permanent injury affects your compensation – Not only will you need continuing medical care, you may be entitled to other benefits as a result of your injury, such as:

  • Ongoing physical therapy.
  • Mental health therapy.
  • Home care and home alternations to accommodate you, such as railings, ramps, grab bars, lower counters, widened doorways, etc.
  • Transportation accommodations.

       6. Understand the concept of MMI – Maximum medical improvement is a milestone in your recovery that must be reached before your personal injury attorney can determine how much you are owed for future medical expenses.

Great care must be taken when dealing with a permanent injury after an accident. To preserve your rights to injury compensation, speak to a personal injury lawyer as soon as you can.