Getting Into An Accident With A Truck Driver

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Auto accidents are always an unpleasant thing to experience. However, the experience is even worse when you are badly injured and can no longer drive the vehicle due to it being totaled. If you have found yourself in such a situation because a truck driver crashed into your vehicle, speaking to an attorney might be the most ideal way to reduce some of the stress that you are in. If the truck driver is the one that is responsible for causing the collision, you might be entitled to compensation, and possibly a large amount. Below, you will learn about suing a truck driver with the assistance of an attorney.

1. Finding Out Who is at Fault

Just because an accident report says the other driver is at fault for the collision, it does not mean that the case will automatically go in your favor. You must keep in mind that the other party actually has the right to contest the report from the accident scene. The perk of hiring an attorney is that he or she will make the accident report difficult to contest. For example, he or she will investigate the accident scene to come up with different scenarios that can prove that you are in no way at fault. An attorney will make sure that your evidence is solid enough to possibly even get you a settlement without having to go to court.

2. Suing Those Who Are Liable

One of the things that you should know about getting into a collision with a truck driver is that more than one person might be held liable. For example, it is common for truck drivers to work for different companies. Basically, an attorney might be able to help you open a lawsuit against the driver and the trucking company that he or she is employed by. The trucking company can be sued if it is found the driver was hired without having the proper license and training for the job. The driver can be sued personally if he or she is found to have been driving under the influence of alcohol or if he or she was not paying attention to the road.

3. Settling Your Legal Fees

Due to you suffering from an injury, you are likely to be given the ability to pay your attorney out of the money that is received in the lawsuit. You may be charged a consultation fee upfront, but it depends on the attorney. If the case goes to court and the other party is found to be in the wrong, he or she can be held responsible for any court fees that arise.

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