Entering The United States As A Treaty Investor

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Recent political changes have caused many individuals to wonder if their ability to enter the United States will be compromised. If you are planning to conduct business in the United States, you should recognize that you may qualify for entry into the country as a treaty investor.

Here are three stipulations that you must adhere to if you plan to obtain a treaty investor visa in the near future.

1. You must be investing substantial capital.

A treaty investor visa is reserved solely for those individuals looking to invest a substantial amount of money into an American company. The amount that you invest must yield a return that exceeds a simple livable wage.

When you file for a treaty investor visa, you will be asked to provide information regarding the amount of your investment and how this amount relates to the total value of the company that you are investing in. Be prepared to provide this financial documentation if you want to enter the United States as a treaty investor.

2. Your sole purpose for entry must be to invest.

In order to ensure that you qualify for a treaty investor visa, you need to ensure that you don't have plans to do anything other than invest in a company while you are in the United States. If you are hoping to visit family members or do some sightseeing while you are in the country, these activities could exclude you from entry as a treaty investor.

Only those individuals who are planning to enter the country for the sole purpose of developing or directing an enterprise in which they are making a substantial financial investment may obtain a treaty investor visa. Be prepared to provide a detailed copy of your itinerary as you apply for a treaty investor visa in the future.

3. You must plan to leave as soon as the treaty visa expires.

Before a treaty investor visa will be granted, you must provide evidence that you don't plan to extend your stay beyond the initial visa period. For most treaty visas, this period is two years, although it could be up to five years in some instances.

These limits should provide ample time to make your investment, develop your business contacts, and direct your new company before returning home.

Understanding how you can qualify for a treaty investor visa will allow you to take advantage of the opportunities this type of visa can provide in the future. If you have concerns about the visa applications process, then make sure to speak with an immigration lawyer in your area.