Can You Sue A Motorist After A Motorcycle Crash Caused By Bad Weather? Find Out

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Riders risk getting involved in catastrophic collisions if they ride during bad weather. This is more so when other road users do not take the necessary measures to prevent accidents. In such cases, poor visibility and slick surfaces can lead drivers to knock down riders. If this happens, the injured motorcyclist and their passenger may have a right to sue the driver. This may be especially possible if the issues discussed in this article contributed to the crash:

When To Bring a Suit Against the Motorist

Bad weather is a natural calamity. Thus, if there were harsh weather conditions when the collision happened, the wrongdoer might claim they are not obligated to take responsibility for your losses. This argument can make you fail to get your rightful payment if you don't provide evidence to show that the motorist was negligent. Therefore, consider hiring a motorcycle accident lawyer to investigate the crash and gather the actionable information needed to prove your case. The evidence they gather will go towards establishing that the offender was speeding when they knocked you down. Your attorney will also obtain information to show that the defendant engaged in negligent behaviors. These might include unsafe lane changes, improper passing, and distracting activities while driving.

If a driver commits these actions, they should take responsibility for your losses even if there was bad weather when the crash happened. In this regard, your lawyer will get financial experts to examine your evidence and calculate the value of your claim. This will enable your lawyer to negotiate a payment that will cover all your losses.

Payments You Might Get for Your Losses

You may have the right to get several payments for your losses, including a settlement for your current and future medical expenses. This will cover the money you spend on hospital stays, surgery, medicine, long-term rehabilitation, and other medical services. You may also get compensation for the income you lose while recovering and the agony you suffer from your injuries. It is important to note that getting these payments is likely to require intense negotiations. So, letting your attorney represent you during talks with the insurance company representatives is advisable. The legal representative will recognize the strategies to apply so that you get a favorable payment.

As evidenced above, you can hold a motorist responsible for your damages if they knock you down in bad weather conditions. However, you must have a strong claim that proves the offender's negligence. For this reason, you need to consider hiring a motorcycle accident injury attorney to collect evidence and prepare the claim.