3 Ways A Child Custody Lawyer Will Prepare You For Evaluation

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When ruling child custody cases, courts usually consider kids' best interests. Before awarding guardianship, they analyze the relationship between the parents and family dynamics to ensure the arrangement favors the kid. The court may order an evaluation if the parents have serious concerns that make it difficult to communicate or work together. During this process, a mental health professional interviews the parents and children, observe their interactions, and talks to people close to the family. If you're wondering about how to prepare for this process, a child custody lawyer can assist. Keep reading to learn how they'll help you present the best version of yourself during the evaluation.

Reviewing the Professional's Qualifications 

It may be necessary to learn more about the professional conducting the evaluation. Does this person have the required credentials? How much experience do they have in conducting evaluations? What is their success rate? This type of information will let you know if the evaluator is experienced. Fortunately, lawyers are skilled at uncovering these details and can tell if these professionals are trustworthy. Plus, they can give you an idea of what to expect during the interview based on their qualifications.

Asking for a Written Report

It's vital to obtain a written report immediately after the interview, not only for your records but also to have a professional document to back up any of your claims should it come down to a court battle. The report should be as objective as possible, so it can be used as evidence if your case goes to trial. A lawyer can get you a copy of the report from the evaluator's office and even convince these professionals to testify on your behalf in court. They'll also look for any errors or omissions in the document and have them corrected before it's used as proof.

Prepping for the Evaluation

You'll likely be asked about your parenting skills, child's living arrangements, work schedule, and more during your interview. The answers you offer to these questions will influence the outcome of your custody case, so it's crucial that you show up prepared. The good news is that attorneys know how to prep their clients to give the evaluator an accurate picture of their life and parenting skills. They'll tell you how to answer the questions and give you tips for presenting yourself in the best light possible. You'll be more likely to come out of the evaluation with a favorable result through these professionals' assistance.

It's vital to do thorough research when getting ready for an evaluation. If you want to avoid the stress that comes with this procedure, partner with a child custody lawyer. They'll defend your kid's interests and ensure your rights are protected.

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