The Spousal Support Options You Can Explore After Separation

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Divorce is one of the events that can completely alter the trajectory of your life. Many people make massive changes to accommodate their spouses, children, and married life. Sometimes, it involves dialing back on career life and helping more at home. When the marriage ends, it might feel scary to start over without the financial security of the marriage. Fortunately, the law allows you to ask for spousal support for the time and effort you spent making the family. Here are some of the spousal support alternatives you should explore.

Permanent Alimony

It is the most common petition that spouses choose. The permanent alimony continues until the partner either dies or remarries. In some states, this might also become terminated when you start cohabiting with another partner. The payments remain fixed, but the partner can request an adjustment when there are changes to their financial situation. You can also ask for a review depending on changes to your financial situation.

Rehabilitative Alimony

It is a temporary plan to help a spouse get back on their feet. You will get it to acquire the skills that you need to become self-sufficient. For example, it might include enough to go back to college and get into a position where you can earn a greater income. It is ideal for stay-at-home parents who forsook their career development to focus on the family. The court will determine the amount of time you get to receive this payment. However, they can still review it at the end of the term and decide whether the person has achieved the state of self-sufficiency. The spouse paying the alimony might demand the stipulation that the court will not review the payment at the end of the term. Speak with your lawyer and ensure that you ask for enough support to run your life.

A Lump Sum Alimony Settlement

The other option you might have when dealing with alimony is the lump sum payment. The court orders the spouse to make a one-time payout of the amount you believe your former partner owes you for the years you have been together. The amount the court awards equals all the monthly installments the spouse would have paid in the future.

These are some of the types of alimony products that you should consider petitioning for when you file for separation. The family lawyer will help you understand the features of each and pick the right one.