Unfairly Harassed Due To Being An Immigrant

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Being able to legally live in the United States is something that many foreigners dream of. When such an opportunity happens, many foreigners attempt doing everything that they an to live a law-abiding and respectable life. One of the main reasons why is because deportation is possible if problems arise, and it can lead to a foreigner getting banned from the United States either permanently or for a set period of time. Unfortunately, even when everything is done right, an immigrant can get into a position in which they face unfair deportation due to false accusations. This article explains how a lawyer can assist a foreigner with immigration problems in regards to being unfairly harassed by an American citizen.

Your Relationship with the Other Party

An immigration lawyer will likely want information in regards to your relationship with the other party, whether it is work, friend, family, or partner related. The reason why is because they will then be able to figure out why the other party is making false accusations about you. For instance, if the other party is an employer who sponsored your visa, a lawyer will want to know if you were being sexually harassed and threatened with deportation for not giving in to the demands. No matter what the relationship between the two of you may be, it is wise to be detailed when explaining it to your lawyer. Even the most intimate details of the relationship should be talked about if it is necessary.

Your Moral & Criminal Background

An aspect of your life that your lawyer might look into in attempt to build a strong case is your overall character. For example, they might want to know about your religion, humanitarian services that you have provided, and the types of friends that you have. They might also request that a criminal background check is performed, as it is simply to show that you follow the law. You can actually obtain a police report on your own and hand it over to the lawyer during the initial consultation.

Investigating the Claim Against You

A lawyer will perform a thorough investigation based on what the other party accused you of. You can actually file a lawsuit after the claims are found to be false. Any information that is obtained during the investigation will be presented to the immigration authorities on your behalf. A lawyer will fight for your rights to remain in the United States until justice has been served.

Reach out to immigration services if you've been unfairly accused.