Situations Where It Is Best To Use A Divorce Mediator

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If you have recently split up from your spouse, then you may be thinking about divorce. This may be an extremely stressful time for you, especially since you have many decisions to make. One such decision is whether you want to go through a typical divorce or dissolve the marriage with the help of a mediator. There are a few scenarios where a mediator is the best choice. Keep reading to learn what they are.

You Are Concerned About Money

If you are on a tight budget and do not want to spend a lot of money on your divorce, then it is wise to work with a mediator. Mediation allows you to forego the high legal fees that come with an attorney. A divorce lawyer will often charge very large amounts per hour, and if you utilize the professional for several months, then you may be looking at a cost of several thousand dollars overall. And, you can double this cost since your spouse will need the services of their own attorney. 

In comparison, the mediator will charge much less per hour to work with both you and your spouse. And, since the professional only works during your mediation appointments, you can be sure that you are making solid progress towards divorce resolution. 

Typically, you will need to attend several mediation appointments. However, you may be able to attend fewer if you have few assets and agree with your spouse on how to best split up your property. 

You should keep in mind that you will each need your own attorney to look over the final divorce agreement once mediation is complete. This ensures a fair process for both parties.

You Have Few Assets

Mediation is by far the simplest process when it comes to divorce. So, it makes sense that you would go through mediation if you have few complications and minimal assets. In this situation, the mediator can simply ask you and your spouse what each of you want. Or, the professional can work with you to split all assets 50/50. This same tactic can be applied to debts so that each party receives half of all property and is responsible for half of all debts.

In many cases, if you meet with the mediator with a prepared list of your assets and debts, then you may only need to attend a few appointments. This means a quick and stress-free process for both you and your spouse. 

You should know that the process may take a bit longer if you have children, but visitation can be arranged quickly if you and your spouse are in agreement about what is best for your kids. 

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