Taking Advantage Of SSDI Help

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When a medical condition prevents you from doing your job, you may need to apply for Social Security benefits. Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) provides those who qualify with a monthly check. Unfortunately, most SSDI applicants can find the application and approval process confusing and frustrating. Many SSDI applicants are unaware of the professional help available. Read on to find out what a Social Security attorney can do for your quest for benefits when you need them most.

Relieve Yourself of the Burden

Being out of work and trying to handle a depleted financial situation can be stressful enough. When you add having to deal with the Social Security Administration (SSA), things can become almost unbearable. You may not realize how stress is affecting you until you begin suffering the physical effects like sleeping problems, changes in appetite, mood changes, etc. That's why just talking things over with a Social Security lawyer can be beneficial. They understand how the application process works and can take a big burden off your shoulders. Once you speak to a lawyer, you can then focus on what is important – your health.

Need Help With Your Application?

If you haven't tackled your SSDI application yet, you might be dismayed at the size of it. Not only is this multi-paged document lengthy, but it's also complex. Unfortunately, mistakes or omissions on the form could cost you an approval. Instead of submitting a form that might lead to a denial, let your Social Security lawyer fill out the form for you. They understand what the SSA is looking for and that can help you get benefits sooner.

Can You Comply With the SSA?

Once your application is submitted, you may need to supply the SSA with more information about your medical condition or your recent job tasks. During the application process, the SSA will be reviewing your application. It's not unusual for applicants to be asked for verification. In most cases, applicants have a limited time to comply with requests and your application can be held up or even denied when you fail to comply. A common request is for medical records. Many applicants have trouble getting medical facilities to comply with such requests, but lawyers know how to access those records in a timely manner.

Will You Stand Alone at Your Appeal?

When a denial does come from the SSA, you will want to appeal that ruling. That is where having a lawyer gets important. A Social Security lawyer understands what the appeals judge needs to see and will stand by your side during the hearing.

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