3 Of Your Questions Answered About Divorce Mediation

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Regardless of your circumstances, divorce tends to almost always be difficult. However, if you and your former spouse are able to resolve issues peacefully without needing to resort to litigation, the process can be a lot easier. Mediation is a process that allows both parties to take a pain-free and effective approach to dissolving a marriage. Keep reading to learn the answers to three questions that you may have about the mediation process in divorce.

What Is the Job of a Mediator?

Divorce lawyers work for either side in the divorce, whereas mediators do not. Mediators are committed to helping the couple work through their issues by making sure they have adequate time to communicate, clarifying points, and providing explanations if necessary. Because a mediator is completely neutral, it guarantees that each party's rights are fully protected and that each party gets what they're fairly entitled to in the divorce.

What Can You Expect During Mediation?

At the first meeting, you and your former spouse will start discussing issues that must be decided, such as spousal support or custody arrangements. The mediator will help in identifying the next steps while carefully maintaining neutral ground since this is what a fair settlement depends on in the end.

How Will Documents Be Filed?

As soon as you and your former spouse have reached an agreement at the end of the mediation process, the mediator will draft a document that describes the terms that have been discussed during the mediation sessions to the court. If your mediator is also a divorce lawyer (which is ideal), he or she will be able to submit the document(s) to the court for you. However, if the mediator is not a divorce attorney, you will also need to hire the services of an attorney for the documents to be submitted to the court or submit them yourself. In either case, as long as you have the help of a mediator, you don't have to worry about extensive court procedures and complications.

If the aforementioned questions and answers have helped you in deciding that mediation may be the route for you and your former spouse in dissolving your marriage, reach out to a divorce law firm that offers mediation services in your area to find out if mediation is the right pathway for you. If you have additional questions, that's completely normal and your attorney/mediator will be happy to answer them.

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