Taking A Road Trip This Summer? 4 Items You Need To Carry With You At All Times

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If your summer plans involve a road trip with the family, you need to be prepared for emergencies, including possible car accidents. You'll be sharing the road with a lot of other travelers, which means your risk of being involved in a car accident will increase dramatically. To make sure you're prepared for the possibility, here are four items you should have with you on your road trip this summer.

Medical Information for Each Person in the Car

If you're involved in a car accident and injuries occur, you'll need to have access to medical information for each person in your car. This information should include full names and ages, known allergies, medical conditions, and a list of prescription medications for each person in your party. It's also important that you carry a list of medical providers for each person. This will ensure that responders have the information necessary to provide you with emergency medical care.

List of Emergency Contact Names and Numbers

In the event of a car accident while you're on a road trip, you'll also need a list of emergency contact numbers. These emergency contact numbers should be people that can help you get messages to other people in your family. Many people feel that the numbers they have stored in their cell phones will be sufficient for emergency purposes. However, if your phone is damaged or lost in the accident, you won't have any way to contact anyone. Having a handwritten list of emergency contact names and numbers will ensure that you have access to that information even if your phone is no longer accessible.

Contact Information for Personal Injury Attorney

If you're going to be taking a road trip this summer, it's crucial that you carry the name and number of a personal injury attorney with you at all times. You never know when you may have problems with your insurance company, or the insurance for the other driver. Having the contact information for a personal injury attorney will ensure that you have access to legal representation and assistance as soon as you need it.

Documents for Medical and Car Insurance

When you're involved in a car accident, it's not always easy to remember the details regarding your insurance information. To make sure you can file timely claims and get the care you need, it's important that you carry copies of your medical insurance and your car insurance. This information should include contact numbers and policy numbers.

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