Have You Filed A Home Insurance Claim? When You Should Bring In An Insurance Claims Lawyer To Assist You

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If you have had a pipe burst in your home, had a minor fire or have mold issues, you may have filed a claim with your home insurance company. This helps you cover the expenses for the damage that was done to your home for covered damages. The majority of the time, the process goes fairly smoothly. You file a claim, the insurance company sends out an appraiser, you find a contractor. Ideally, the appraiser and contractor's quotes are close together and the insurance company cuts you a check, less your deductible, which you can then pay to the contractor as they complete the work. However, in some cases, the process does not go smoothly. When this occurs, you may want to think about hiring an insurance claims lawyer to help you. Here are three situations in which it may be beneficial to hire one:

The Insurance Company Has Denied Your Claim

If your homeowner's insurance company has denied your insurance claim, you may want to speak to an insurance claims attorney. You have a limited amount of time, based on the state you reside in, to appeal this decision. An attorney can take a look at your policy and the reason for denial and tell you whether it was valid or not. If it was not, they can draft a letter to the insurance company stating why your claim is valid and where it is covered in your policy, helping to get your case accepted. 

You Disagree With the Amount They Are Willing to Pay

In some cases, an insurance company may accept your claim. However, when their appraiser appraises the damage, they may wind up agreeing to pay far less than what contractors are quoting you. In this case, you can ask for a second opinion or you can ask the appraiser to meet you at your home with a contractor to point out why it will cost more. However, if the insurance company still won't budge, you may need an attorney. In some cases, you may have to go to mediation or even court to get the amount you may be entitled to. 

You Believe the Insurance Company is Acting in Bad Faith

Lastly, if you feel an insurance company is acting in bad faith, you may wish to retain an attorney. Every state has different laws. However, the Department of Insurance has laws in your state that lay out how long an insurance company has to approve or deny a claim and how long they have to issue you a check when an agreement is made. If they are not following the laws in your state, and you feel like you are getting the runaround, a lawyer may be able to file a claim with your state's Department of Insurance in regards to the bad faith and get the ball rolling on your claim. 

A lawyer who takes on insurance claim cases has the knowledge and experience to win your case. They can carefully comb through your home insurance policy to find out if something is included or excluded and know how to find professionals who can submit proof of damage and bids if you and the insurance company don't see eye-to-eye on the damage. Your home is sitting in the balance the whole time, so hiring a lawyer can help get your problem remedied in a timely manner. 

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